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When used in raised floorings avoid using water or excessive vapour and use damp and squeezed cloths to protect any systems under the flooring level.

In case of facings on ventilated walls avoid using violent jets of water, to avoid damaging the insulation behind the tile face that must be perfectly dry to function optimally.


Ceramic perfection takes on different features in its different surface finishes, material and natural structures, smoothed and reflective surfaces, giving multiple complex visual effects.


Every space needs its own shape. The full range of leonardo sizes caters for all modern design requirements.

Technical Specifications

As floor tiles for continuous surfaces with all the guaranteed safety that of 9mm thickness provides.
As wall tiles to dress prestigious spaces and scenic walls with a single slab and vertical installation.
As design applications as a backsplash, kitchen tops, counter tops and spectacular expanses.
As for outdoors for ventilates facades that are large and enduring.

12 mm Thickness

Breakage load

Abrasion resistance

Bending strenght

Scratch resistance

Frost resistance

Chemical resistance



The high pressing force achieves, after heat treatment at over 1200°, a highly compact and resistant tile with an extremely low water absorption. The tile surface may, during normal wear, release some material that is not in any way harmful. Any material removed is absolutely inert from a toxicological point of view and is not harmful for the environment.

Classy Tiles are not affected by fire. They are not damaged from being exposed to flames and they limit the spreading and intensification of the flames. Classy tiles do not allow the proliferation of bacteria and they are ideal for locations where the sterility conditions must be easily maintained. All waste material from the industrial production is inert and does not constitute a reactivity or resistance hazard from a chemical and thermal point of view. The waste can be disposed of in the environment without any risk or it can be reused to prepare other material